Ilyes menzli

Ilyes Menzli

Software Developer

Since the age of ten, my passion for computers ignited when I unwrapped my first birthday gift—a Commodore 64. From that moment, I became immersed in the world of technology. Always hands-on, I found joy in fixing and replacing parts, fueling my curiosity and determination. This early enthusiasm guided me to pursue and successfully graduate as a computer technician. Embarking on my professional journey, I secured my inaugural role as a network and system administrator. Simultaneously, I maintained a parallel commitment to advancing my education in engineering. This dual pursuit not only enriched my practical skills but also deepened my understanding of the intricate workings of both hardware and software. My journey, shaped by a childhood fascination, has seamlessly blended hands-on experience with academic rigor. It is a testament to my enduring dedication to the ever-evolving realm of technology.

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Ilyes Menzli

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Work Experience

  • Information Technology -
    Menzli Informatic Services
    Oct 2014-till death

    Sale of computer materials and accessories
    Computer maintenance
    Web Service
    Network Installation

  • Computer Maintenance -
    NeT TeC

    Repairing and optimizing a pc
    Network cabling and network installation
    User Training and Support
    Assembly and disassembly computer products

  • Network and system administrator -
    Cosmos Call-Center

    Workstation Installation/Configuration
    Systems and Network Administration
    Server Administration and Repair
    User Training and Support


  • Fourth year computer engineering

    Specialization: Computer Development.

  • Computer technician

    Specialization : Technique of Information Science and Communication.

  • First year economics and management

  • High school diploma

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10408 Rockville Pike
North Bethesda, Maryland 20852

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I love to work, so don't be shy, i am just an email away.

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